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  • imageFOLDING CUT HEADER: Adaptable to all kinds of harvesters. Folded by the center with less couplings and moving parts.
  • imageSELF-LEVEL FOR HARVESTERS: Automatic self-leveling system for slopes.
  • imageSPARE PARTS BARS, ELEVATORS: Various spare parts for harvesters (Sieves, Concaves, Cylinder bars, Shakers, Shafts…)
  • imageSTRAW CHOPPERS: Straw choppers adaptable to all kinds of harvesters.
  • imageCUTTING EXTENSION FOR RAPE: A cutting extension for rape permits recuperation of a great part of lost grains and improves perfo

Chaff and Straw spreaders
Mechanical and hydraulic types for different models.


The cut made by TORT folding is the ideal solution to optimize precious work time, reducing travel time very considerably, avoiding efforts and being able to make the move without an assistant.

The features of our court:

Fold up the middle, which means less links and less moving…


We manufacture different types of concave adaptable cereal harvesters.

In the concave can choose the diameter of the rod and the distance between them, depending on the production of each area specified.

- Concave Concave STANDARD Standard corn or wheat.


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